bauland42 builds secure and easy to use web applications

The company name bauland42 comes from the famous German Bauhaus („House of Building“) school that combined all sorts of art to build „the building of the future“. 90 years after its closure, we continue the design culture in the web. Our web architects are experts in all levels of a web application: Security, software architecture, design and usability.

Good software is easy to use and looks good

We believe that complexity can be pulled out of software by an intuitive design and by improving usability. Good software needs no handbooks, or at least significantly smaller ones. A good looking software even makes it fun to use.

Our web applications are standardised

Our web developers have created a modular design and we are using automation of recurring processes. That means we can present results very fast. That saves you time and money.

Web development means designing workflows

We build flexible solutions that support you in your daily work. Good software supports your workflows, but doesnʻt make it more complicated. That also means the software has to be extensible and can be integrated easily into other applications.

Only secure software is good software

Your data and knowledge need to be secure. Thatʻs why we donʻt make any compromises. We pay a lot of attention to the security of our web applications already from the beginning of the planning.

Less is more

We believe that in most cases less is more. Our web applications are reduced to the basics, but without loosing functionality. Sometimes we remove unused features, sometimes we hide them to reduce visual noise and sometimes we simply improve the usability or design. Youʻll get more for less.

Your opinion matters to us

We are developing web applications for our users. If you have feedback or suggestions, we will love to hear it.