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Heiko Webers is an expert in Ruby on Rails security. We provide web application security tests, security code audits, checks and training. We have been dealing with Ruby on Rails security since 2007 and Heiko has checked the security in numerous Ruby on Rails applications all over the world. Heiko made the applications more secure and brought the knowledge into the teams. Get more information about security tests, code audits and Ruby on Rails training now.


Please note that security is a delicate matter, so we canʻt name particular companies that we have worked for. We have worked in the teams of the largest Ruby on Rails applications in Europe and all over the world. Our clients include mobile phone, insurance, Web 2.0 companies, as well as governmental authorities, NGOs and small businesses.

Are you interested in a Ruby on Rails security test?

We can do a security code audit on-site, but also off-site, flexible and on short notice. Weʻve already done numerous off-site checks without any problems. This is how a security code audit works:

  • To estimate the cost you'll tell us the size of your web application („rake routes“ is best) and what youʻre looking for
  • We will do the security code audit - on or off-site - and suggest how to handle possible security issues.
  • You will receive a security report with all findings, suggestions and explanations. If you wish, you will also get our security certificate for your web-site.

Are you interested in a Ruby on Rails (security) training?

The selection of the right software architecture and security measurements should be planned well ahead for a new web application. We have a long-time experience with large and small Ruby on Rails applications and the security in web applications.

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